How do the Casino earns


Gambling industry is earning either flawlessly or gradually, this depends upon on the restriction as well as legalization of the casino industry in different country around the world. If we talk about America gaming Association, It claim that from commercial casino around $37.34 billion has been served and this revenue collection was more than the revenue collected from film industry. Gambling is such a good business, in spite of having very serious impact on society such as increasing crime, increasing corruption or money laundering etc, this industry is growing fast. And now in the era of internet online casino is tremendously collecting popularity among gambling fans. There are some facts what casino used to earn money, while the player is losing money. Simply there is lot of manipulation technique in casino industry to earn more and more from gambling.

Online Casino

Principal on which a casino work

In casino game, the casino earns money when player frequently loose and it is determined by rate of game played. Actually, when you losses you play faster and that makes casino win. There is a concept what a casino industry follow that is “the fallacy of gambler”. The gambler thinks he will overcome in the next inning after his successive loss. But, barely this happens that he wins in the next round .Hence the fallacy or the desire to win in the next time, directly increase the earned money of casino. One of the tricks of casino is to create confusion regarding slot. The characteristics of modern slot machine, if you partially win it are actually proper loss. Casino encourages one to play with more than one line by awarding a win on every spin. There is a feature of casino which share an important characteristic which allow casino to provide extra outcomes that feel like a proper win for the player but it is not a win as there is no increment in actual payout.


So there are so many manipulation technique which a casino used to earn money from his player and because of affection towards the “game of chance”, players does not apply their common scene even  and let them creating whole scenario according to their choice.  Hence this questions of future that how to save me from manipulation during gambling. How much you are willing to expose to the game, in the beginning casino sit back and wait until you came forward with all your money.