Top land based casinos around the world

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 Casino industry is so big, exciting and full of prosperity. There are so many huge casinos around the world, in which you can lose for hour and hour’s . So many casino resorts are there around the globe which claims that they are the supreme among others. Here, we are going to discuss about the top casino in the world, in order to catch attention as well as affection of the player or any person with its infrastructure or gaming quality.

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Well known casinos

If I will talk about well known casino around the world then Casino Lisboa is not an unknown name. This casino is situates in Lisbon, which is in Portugal. It has total 165,000 square feet of huge gaming floor along with 1000 gaming machine. This casino is having total 26 cards along with table which further include 7 bars and poker table with 1000 hotel room. MGM Grand Las Vegas, situated in Las Vegas which has 170,000 square feet gaming floor along with 2,300 gaming machine. It includes 178 card and table games with poker table and has 5044 hotel room and 20 bars are also here. One of the wonderful casinos is Sands Macao, which is located in Macao with 229,000 square feet gambling floor. It has around 750 gambling machine whereas 1000 cards and table game which include poker game as well. It has 7 bar and 51 hotels. MGM Grand Macao is also famous casino in the worlds as it has 221,952 square feet of gambling floor with 835 gaming machine. It includes 410 cards with table game as well and has 12 bars along with 593 hotels. Apart from this, Tusk Rio Casino Resort is also famous for its 266,330 square feet gaming floor, which is located in Klerksdorp, South Africa. It has total 257 gaming machine on its gaming floor. It has table game including poker table with 12 card is also here. Caesars, Mandalay Bay ,  and The Venetian Macao are the name of some awesome land casino loved by the gambler around the world.


Above we has discuss briefly about so many reputed and famous land based casino which attract players with their entertainment events. Recently, casino has developed so many different techniques, in order to maintain their loyal patrons. Hence, the y provide loyalty reward program to entangle players and use players habits to target them effectively by giving free slot play for the first time or so many other promotion.